Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All gone minicon. Roll on 2014!

So it's all over for another two years, and what a wonderful day it was. I'm kicking myself, as usual, for not getting any photos, but if I come across any taken by others I'll upload them to our Facebook page.

Counting KSP members, guest authors and visitors, over 50 people attended this time, which is just a nice number for the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre to hold, and it was a beautiful day, weather-wise, which meant we could spill out onto the verandahs and into the lovely grounds. Lunch, supplied by Lynda and our hard-working kitchen team, was yummy. The panels were enjoyed by all and Juliet Marillier held a kaffeeklatsch for her fans, which was, as you can imagine, very well attended. We sold a few books (and most of us bought a few more) discussed various writing-related topics on the panels and generally had a great time. We even attracted a few writers who were not SF buffs, because they'd heard what a great day it usually is. We did not let them down. It was indeed a great day.

Putting even a small convention together necessitates a lot of hard work, but the work is soon forgotten and the joy of the day remains - so all being well, there will be another minicon in two years' time. See ya'll in 2014!


Helen V. said...

I'm pleased it went well and sorry I couldn't attend.

Satima Flavell said...

We missed you, Helen!