Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The end of the trail

Sadly there will be no mini-con in 2014. The Katharine Susannah Prichard speculative fiction group seems to have reached the end of its useful life, at least for now.

All groups have a natural lifespan, and this one, in its eight years of existence, has seen several members go on to professional publication as well as hosting four very sucesssful and enjoyable mini-cons. Perhaps there will be a revival in the future and perhaps not. Maybe another group will arise sometime in the future to work the same kind of SF magic in our lovely city of Perth, Western Australia.

Whatever the future holds, the fate of speculative fiction in Australia looks bright and will continue to do so as long as there are fans, writers, gamers and filmakers to carry the flag and keep it flying, whether through writers groups, convention committees, small-press publishing or any other means.

Viva SF!